1/2"plate wind
Gun Nut Riveter
ratchet wrench
Gas shovel
Gun Nut Riveter´╝łnew)
Gun type tapping machine
Rivet gun
Tap clamp
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        Ningbo Beilun Aideli Tool Factoryis located in the beautiful coastal city - Ningbo Beilun port, which, factory specializing in the production of pneumatic tools, with more than 20 years of experience in the production of pneumatic tools, pneumatic tools production before the main core components, is now finished the main products are: pneumatic plate wind, gas pulling a series of riveting gun nut products. Factory using Japanese technology, production equipment, technical standards for stability, improve the detection means.
         Factory to a wealth of professional experience and strength of innovation, from product design to part production, a range of products from the market, the best-selling domestic and foreign areas, and have a good reputation in the industry, by the majority of the praise and trust of customers...  >> More
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